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The Big Hitchin Drawing

On Sunday 18 July local artists James, Matt, Nick and Ian led the town in the first Hitchin Big Drawing.  Twenty feet of paper was unrolled along the High Street and passers-by were invited to contribute to a monster drawing featuring animals, people, places and randomly associated words. After 200 people picked up their pencils and pens in, what was to be one of the hottest days of the year, the enormous drawing was completed.  Nearly two metres square the result will be on display at the British Schools Museum over the summer. Look out for chickens on a washing line, a flowery gorilla and several dinosaurs.


A big thank you to everyone who took part. It is fantastic! We look forward to seeing you again next year for an even bigger drawing!


#jameswillisartist #holwelllifedrawing #hitchinfestival #bigdraw #britishschoolsmuseum

Hitchin Big Draw 2.jpg
Scroll down for more images and to see the final Big Drawing.
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